Hot Wings come in 3 sizes: Small, Large and Xtra Large. You can also get them: Plain or BBQ
Potato wedges covered with cheddar cheese and bacon and served with a ranch dipping sause. This is our best selling appetizer.
Item Description Price

Baked Crab Dip

served with grilled Pretzel Roll $14.99

Hot Wings

small (1 lb,  approx 4-5 pieces) $8.99
     Sold by weight. large (2 lbs, approx 9-10 pieces) $11.99
     Actual count may vary x-large (3 lbs, approx 12-15 pieces) $14.99
Tater Babies w/Bacon & Cheese potato wedges covered with cheese and bacon - served
with ranch dipping sauce.
Sweet Potato Fries with powdered sugar or maple syrup. $5.99
Corn Fritters with Maple Syrup. $6.99
Pizza Fries with marinara sause and mozzarella cheese $6.99
Cheese Sticks served with marinara sause $8.25
French Fries    $3.99
Onion Rings small $6.50
  large $7.99
Chicken Fingers with BBQ sauce, honey mustard or ranch dipping sauce $11.99
Sampler Cheese sticks, onion rings, corn fritters & chicken fingers  $12.99
Fresh Sauteed Mushrooms    $6.99